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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Differences Between Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey - Differences Between Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey

Did you know that Jack Daniels, Red Label and Jameson are all different types of whiskeys? Whiskey is one of the most popular and versatile spirits loved for its rich and complex history. There are many different whiskeys to explore and in this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore the differences between Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskey.


Bourbon whiskey - types of Jack Daniel

Bourbon is also known as American whiskey. It is a very unique type of whiskey and it is made in the United States, primarily in Kentucky. It is made from at least 51% corn and aged in new, charred oak barrels. Bourbon is known and loved for its sweet, caramel flavour profile, with notes of vanilla, oak, and sometimes even a hint of smoke.

But not just any whiskey made in the United States qualifies as Bourbon. There are legal requirements a spirit must meet to be considered a Bourbon. For example, Bourbon has to be distilled to no more than 80% alcohol by volume and aged for at least two years. Bourbon is commonly enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but it can also be used in cocktails. Historically bourbon is referred to as the drink of cowboys, jazz musicians and anyone who knows how to live life to the fullest. 

Some common examples of Bourbon whiskey include; Jack Daniel’s, Blanton’s, Jim Beam, Balcones, Four Roses and Woodford Reserve.

Scotch Whiskey - Johnny Walker Red label, Black label, Green label

Scotch is a type of whiskey made only in Scotland. It is made from malted barley and aged in used oak barrels. Scotch is known for its distinct smoky flavour with notes of heather, honey, and complex aroma. There are several different types of Scotch, including single malt, blended malt, blended grain, and blended Scotch. To be considered a Scotch, the spirit must be made in Scotland and aged for at least three years.

Familiar examples of scotch whiskey include Johnnie Walker, Ballantine’s, Grant’s, William Lawson’s, Chivas Regal, Black & White and William Peel.


Irish Whiskey - Types of Jameson

Irish whiskey as the name implies is made in Ireland. It is typically made from a blend of malted and unmalted barley and aged in used oak barrels. Irish whiskey is known for its smooth, mellow flavor profile, with notes of honey, fruit, and sometimes even a hint of spice.

To be considered an Irish whiskey, the spirit must be made in Ireland and aged for at least three years. Like Bourbon and Scotch, Irish whiskey can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but it is also commonly used in cocktails.

Some popular examples of Irish Whiskey are Jameson, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Tullamore, Dew Irish Whiskey, Redbreast Irish Whiskey, Powers Irish Whiskey, Connemara Irish Whiskey, Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, Green, Spot Irish Whiskey, Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey, Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey

In conclusion, while Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskey are all whiskeys, each type offers a unique experience. But when it comes to liquor flavours, experience teaches best so go ahead and order a bottle of Bourbon, Scotch or Irish whiskey at the Naijaliquor store

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