We Love It Bitter

We Love It Bitter

How do you make Nigerians—a people so accustomed to the sweet things of life—fall in love with something so demonstrably bitter? We Love It Bitter. You slap the name alcohol on it, sit back, and watch as we reach into our deep pockets to buy that bitterness off your hands. Simple, isn’t it? Well, not so simple, the big boys in the game aren’t so nice. The big question is this: are you willing to fight for your share of the pie? 

What really goes on in the world of bitters? Buckle up, because it’s time to dive into the frothy, herbal, and sometimes downright absurd world of Nigerian bitters. But hey, I promise it’s not as bitter as it sounds!

In Nigeria, we love it bitter. Bitters are more than just a drink; they’re a tradition, a conversation starter, and sometimes even a remedy for just about anything. Need a pick-me-up after a long day? Bitters. Feeling under the weather? Bitters. Looking to impress your uncle at the family gathering? You guessed it, bitters!

And boy, we love it bitter! In 2021, we forked out a whopping 119 billion Naira on these little bottles visibly displayed in shops and neatly arranged in bowls by roadside hawkers. In 2022, the faithful consumers decided that number was not enough, and they skyrocketed it to 176 billion Naira. Yep, I’m sure someone was smiling at the bank all of 2022, all thanks to Nigerians. Truly, we love it bitter.

We Love It Bitter

We Love It Bitter

Now, let’s talk about the stars of the show: Action Bitters and Orijin Bitters. These two are like Ronaldo and Messi of the bitter world, competing for the ultimate title of ‘Naija’s Favourite’.

In 2022, Action Bitters had the biggest slice of the pie with a 47% market share, selling over 82 billion Naira worth of bitters. Orijin Bitters followed closely, grabbing a 22% market share and well over 39 billion Naira in revenue. These two were market leaders in 2021, and amidst all the tussle, they retained their crown in 2022. Not only were these market leaders holding on to their slice of the pie, they were also growing their revenue by over 40%, respectively.

Alomo Bitters were out to make a statement in 2022, growing their revenue from a mere 2 billion Naira to three times that figure. This 197% increase did very little in their fight for a bigger slice of the market share, which grew from 2% to 3.4%. Alomo Bitters has revealed its intent, time will show if the big boys in the space will allow it a free ride to the top. This bitter sensation wants to be the talk of the town, and millions are raising their glasses to this unexpected hero.

Black Wood Bitters strutted in with a 3% market share in 2022, proving that size isn’t everything. With an 18% boost in revenue, they’re like the underdog who decided to join the big leagues.

As it is in life, not everyone wins here. While some smiled at the bank, others looked on with dismay. Montenegro Bitters, Tusker Bitters, Power Bitters, and Baby Oku Bitters all had a tough year. Montenegro, with its 61% decline, must’ve lost its charm somewhere along the way. Tusker Bitters lost 57% of its swagger, Power Bitters stumbled with a 44% drop, and Baby Oku Bitters seemed to have lost its cuteness with a 20% slide. In the fascinating world of bitters, you can’t be the life of the party every time.

Without warning, a new face staggered into the ring and announced to the hearing of everyone that it had arrived. Odogwu Bitters, owned by a popular face in the Nigerian entertainment space, got everyone buzzing. In its first year in 2022, this fresh-faced contender snagged a 0.25% share of the market. It’s like the new kid in school who suddenly wants to become the coolest cat in the yard. We see you, Odogwu, and we’re eager to see where your bitters’ journey takes you.

As the bitters battle rages on, one thing is clear: Nigerians have an unquenchable thirst for these herbal potions. Whether you’re a loyal fan of Action Bitters or prefer the modern twist of Orijin, there’s a bitter for every taste and occasion.

The Bitters Market is a vibrant playground where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. It’s where the old dogs keep their cool and the new kids aim for the stars. The biggest losers may have had their down moments, but in the world of bitters, it’s always just one sip away from a comeback.

So, now you see how much we love it bitter? Cheers to the bitters! May the battle for Nigeria’s taste buds continue to be as lively as the country itself. And remember, no matter which bitter you choose, it’s all in good spirits.